Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Are mountain buggies mountain ready?

Question: Are Mountain Buggies ready for the mountains? Should you take a Mountain Buggy through the Routeburn track - one of New Zealand's "Great Walks"?


We can say with confidence that you would not want to take a Mountain Buggy through the Routeburn - no matter how tempting. If you're day walking in from either end you could take a mountain buggy without too much drama, but you ain't gonna enjoy the middle third of the track.

Not ideal mountain buggy terrain. At least it could take the toddlers' backpack.

Sister in law unhappy after hours of carrying a mountain buggy - more tantrums than the 2 year old from this champ.

A small section of terrain where the Mountain Buggy can be pushed. Almost complete alignment with the terrain where our daughter was happy to walk.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by a lot of sweat and tears. We made it right through, buggy and all. As tempting as it was the mountain buggy was not thrown off any cliffs.

What we do recommend is taking your whole family - from a 2 year old through to grandparents - out tramping.