Saturday, 24 September 2016


You may have heard that Sarah and I got married! Which means we have just had the distinct pleasure of organizing a wedding! Since no one gives you advice when planning a wedding we thought we'd add our tips. Our big day was centered around a relaxed garden wedding at Sarah's parents riverside location.

Chilling on the lawn before the ceremony. Even the decision to serve champagne before the wedding was somewhat questioned. 
Our biggest hurdle was the house, it was being renovated and no one was sure it would be camera ready in time. The wedding was a big looming deadline for about 6 months of continuous work on the house.

In case you think I'm exaggerating the day before the wedding there was a birds nest of live electrical wires sprawled out across the kitchen floor. I was installing LED lights on the morning of the wedding - talk about last minute! Sarah made the smarter decision of leaving a full day before the wedding and just letting things take care of themselves.

Somehow everything came together just in time. Some early guests started arriving just as I sat down to write my speech for the evening!

Sarah did some spontaneous planning too - she secretly arranged with her brother to arrive by float plane! Pro tip: remember the gumboots!

Don't let people push you into getting or doing things you don't want. If you don't think it adds to the day, don't bother! There is so much going on already, for many this will be the biggest (not to mention most expensive) day of their lives. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype and agree to things that won't really make a difference - just relax and focus on what is important.

You don't want to be on point during the event so appoint a problem solver. They need contact numbers for all vendors, and you need to trust their decisions completely.

The best advice we got was to take some time after the ceremony to just enjoy the moment. Douglas still managed to snap a photo but we were just having five minutes sitting alone on a nearby wharf.

Family friends Gill and Peter helped us on a short photography trip immediately after the ceremony for sunset. It was important for us not to be gone for too long so we had already a good idea of the few spots we would visit. My brother took the photos and we were very happy with them. The contrast between an old run down tug boat and the shiny wedding party worked particularly well.


We got a lot of mileage out of Trello. So many things to do, and of course you can't remember them all. We added tips and business recommendations to one board, had one for the planning the wedding and another for planning the honeymoon.

Catering is one of the biggest items and we found a gem in Lolita Catering. Definitely try the food and make sure you get along with who ever will be at the event. We found it really fun choosing the menu and trying some of the options!

Lolita Catering chef Guy came to our apartment to cook sample dishes for us.

Invites and dealing with guest's rsvps is another challenge. We are lucky to have such talented friends, we used Justin Soong's Invite Spring service for sending out "save the date" notifications. Giselle designed and printed our invites and we tracked responses via a google doc spreadsheet. Sarah and I set up a very basic static website with event information, and we had a dedicated email address for rsvps.


Initially we thought a long Europe trip was what we wanted - however we were both in relatively new positions at work and didn't want too much time off work for a long honeymoon right after the wedding. It didn't make any sense going so far for a shorter time - we both don't like the impact of flying. Instead we opted to spend two weeks in Australia having a sun, sand, and sailing holiday.

As we had friends and family visiting from such a long way away we stayed in Sydney for a few days after the wedding to spend more time catching up with them. This made it feel like the party just kept going for a few more days and was great.

We chartered a yacht in the Whitsunday's and invited a couple of close friends and family to spend a few nights on board with us. It worked out extremely well for us inviting world class sailors to crew for us for a few days!

A couple of top Australian sailors provided to be a decent crew