Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Iguazu Falls

We had the pleasure of spending Christmas at one of the natural wonders of the world: Iguazu Falls.
Arrived at Tupa hostel in Iguazu township the morning before Christmas. Got straight into our swimmers and went for a swim. Luckily the pool provided some relief from the blistering heat!

Went for a walk into town, got a salad and a beer at a restaurant. The salad was mediocre at best, on our way back we stopped off at two supermarkets to buy ingredients for our Christmas lunch along with some extra hotel snacks.

After more swimming we decided to go to a steak-house for dinner. Argentina is very well known for its amazing steak and we wanted a repeat of our experience in Salta. Unfortunately the steak wasn’t that great, and to make matters worse the waiter didn’t understand that Sarah wasn’t happy with her over-cooked meat when she’d asked for her steak to be cooked rare. He simple took away the plate of half uneaten meat, smiling, assuming we’d both really enjoyed it but there had just been too much! One more frustration at not speaking the lingo.

Waking up on Christmas morning, a lovely breakfast was delivered to our room. Had cereal, croissants, yogurt, fruit and coffee. After breakfast, Sarah packed a Christmas lunch of tomato, basil and blue cheese salad, ricotta and olive stuffed capsicum, cherries, plums, chocolate and biscuits.

The plan for the day was to head to the national park that includes the world famous falls. As soon as we got the the bus stop, a bus arrived that would take us to Iguazu Falls. After arriving at the park and getting our tickets, we made our way to the train that would take us nearer to the water falls. It was around 35 degrees that day, so we were really eager to find a water fall to stand under.

After exploring the lower trails of the water fall we sat down in the shade and tucked into our plumbs, cherries, and a soy peach drink purchased by mistake. However our lunch was rudely interrupted by an inquisitive and slightly scary looking animal which hopped up onto our table, knocked our cup onto the ground and proceeded to finish our peach soy drink.

enter image description here

After morning tea we hopped back on the train and made our way to the top of the falls, called Devils Throat. After getting of the train, it was another 20 minutes walk out to the edge of the water fall. This afforded fantastic views of the waterfall.
  • Flocks of birds and butterflies flying in and out of the water spray
  • Unpredictable water raining down on us when gusts of wind came in our direction
  • Gigantic amounts of water falling into the abyss

After devils throat we took an eco tour on an inflatable boat that rowed us down the back waters of the water fall.
  • Saw little turtles resting on twigs and logs.
  • Took off our shoes and dangled our feet over the side of the boat to cool our selves off. Didn’t lose any toes to piranha.
After the boat ride, we explored the upper portion of the falls. Had our Christmas lunch undisturbed by local animals. An appropriately colored Christmas salad. Then made our way to the jet boat that takes visitors right up to the base of the falls.

The jets boat ride was fantastic! Had time to take photos of the water falls before putting the camera into a dry bag. Jet boat went pretty much right under a couple of water falls! The last one had a huge amount of water come into our boat!! It was a fantastic way to cool off! We got absolutely drenched!

Back at the hostel, we had a quiet dinner using left over ingredients from our Christmas lunch and another nice red wine that we had bought. The next day we had a late lunch, swam in the hostel’s pool and went for a short walk into town. In the evening we walked to the viewing point were you could see Paraguay and Brazil at the same time.

The rest of our photos from a Christmas at Iguazu can be found in this Google+ album.

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