Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Buenos Aires

Wow it is hot in Buenos Aires. Really really hot, especially during December.

In Buenos Aires we decided to stay at a well known party hostel, Millhouse hostel. There are two of them in the city - just a few blocks away from each other. We found that Loki, the party hostel we had stayed at in Cusco, and Millhouse deserve to be compared so a post will eventually go into the details.
Did we mention it was hot? High 30s for sure, when watching the news it looked like they were talking about a new record; not speaking Spanish we can’t confirm that.

Because we were coming from Chile and we already knew about the Blue Dollar we had about a thousand dollars of large denomination US bills with us. It didn’t take long to find the street that was full of Cambios - Money Exchanges. We timidly approached one of the men on the street shouting out rates and converted our dollars into Pesos at a rate of 9.4 : 1.

Big markets meant for cheap shopping, especially with the blue dollar. Sarah ended up buying a pair of nice leather boots, and two pairs of shoes; while I bought sandals, a suit and a pair of nice pants.
Buenos Aires is the birthplace of the Tango dance and this is evident all over the city. While enjoying lunch at a cafe you would often be entertained with a couple Tango dancing. One evening we went out to watch a Tango show. This all inclusive evening included a Tango lesson, dinner, and quite a good performance.

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Another memorable evening in BA was going out to a Jazz bar and watching a Brazilian group preform while we enjoyed a nice dinner.

During the day, when we weren't shopping, we went for walks. These usually consisted of an hour or two of walking between necessary stops for smoothies and ice creams in air conditioned cafes to cool off. We visited the famous bridge across the docks on one such walk.

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