Friday, 15 November 2013

Broken Spanish Words

Brian and I are in a town called Copiapo, We've been busing up the coast these last few days. Last night we were in Le Serena, and the night before that was Santiago. The towns are busy, crazy and filled with very few people who speak English, so Brian and I are really struggling to communicate. I actually resorted to using my pictionary skills to try and find out how much it costs to get our laundry done today. And yesterday I thought we were making some progress with our broken Spanish as it was relatively easy ordering our bus tickets to La Serena. But when I asked one last question, which I said in English very slowly whilst pointing to my ticket "bus station three, Si, now?," he answered in perfect English, with a very smug smile on his face "yes, the bus stop is number three, it is over there and it should be coming shortly." So it turns out he knew English all along hahaha
We're in a little hostel in Copiapo where you can still hear the bustling of the outside world. There is a presidential election coming up soon in Chile, so there are lots of people campaigning in the streets. People are marching in the streets with big flags and drums, campaign posters are everywhere and cars are driving around tooting their horn and playing loud festive music. You can see that Chileans are passionate about moving their country forward. Politics are very important over here.
Tomorrow we plan to check out the museum which is all about the mining of silver in Copiapo (one of the main reasons why the town exists) and then we'll be catching a bus to Caldera, which thankfully is only and hour an a half away.
I think that's all. Adios Amigos :) I'm off to practice my spanish on Duolingo.

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