Saturday, 4 June 2011

A post at last

In the weeks following the February 22nd earthquake I wrote my thoughts and the days happenings into a diary. When I last saw the document it was over 10 000 words and went into great detail about Comfort for Christchurch, the Student Volunteer Army, and most everything that I got up to. I wrote about my car "Big Brown" being crashed into causing massive damage to four panels. I wrote about the fact the car was then stolen from outside my house, damaged and all. I didn't have theft insurance on my twenty four year old car and the insurance of other party who crashed into my car have refused to pay for the damage they caused.
Something I didn't get to write about was the burglary of my flat the week after that. In total we lost three laptops, a bag, and an iPod. Unfortunately it was a hard hitting reminder to back stuff up. My insurance doubled the excess to $500 because it was theft (?) and now today, two months later, I have a replacement laptop. It is very shiny so I hope it doesn't get stolen any-time soon.

So no thanks to the muppets who took advantage of the chaos around the earthquake, the looters and the thieves. At some stage I would really like to tell the "Comfort" story to thank the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting through the ordeal.

For now I'd really like to improve my writing so I have decided to do a post-a-day. Random topics allowed, I might put some on instead of here and I might try queue one or two posts up. I wonder if I'll make it through the long weekend!

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