Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nevada and some more Los Angeles

ello poppit!

Vegas was the plan for Kim's birthday, on the road trip north we decided to climb a sand dune/mountain at the Kelso Sand Dunes. We were rather interested to hear this sand dune because the description had this snippet:
When you slide down the mountain, it moans loudly. Singing Sand is very rare. It has to do with the shape of the grains of sand and the way they rub each other. Even on a windy day, if you are close enough you can hear it moaning.

So we climbed up, and at the top quietly listened... to the silence. Its amazing just how quiet the desert is! We definitely didn't hear the mountain moaning or singing or anything. Apparently it had rained recently and that effects it (and I discovered that deserts can have rain???).

Any how after the sand dune fun and watching a beautiful sunset over the desert we made tracks to Las Vegas!

Due to the fact it was also Kim's flatmates birthday, her flatmate's father paid for a suite for all of us. It was AMAZING! Like jacuzzi in the second bathroom amazing... I think we had a marble table, 3 big rooms and a really nice everything! I almost didn't want to leave the suite!

But of course did the usual things you do in vegas, gambled away all my money, got really drunk, got married... Okay wait no I guess I didn't do any of that. We did all try putting $1 in the slot machines - I somehow managed to beat the odds and get $12 back, but everyone else lost at least a dollar so I think the house broke even.

A massive Oreo fried ice-cream dessert thing... 
I gotta admit even between 3 we struggled to finish!
Watching the water show outside the Bellagio
Paris... Vegas same thing right?
We did go out for a few drinks of course, I was expecting lots of free drinks at the casinos but I guess we didn't gamble enough! Drinks were expensive, as was the food - but then that is somewhat expected in Vegas.

The Vegas crew
Sunday morning before leaving we went to the biggest buffet I have ever seen. Quite honestly there was more food than I have ever seen in one place, including supermarkets. We waited in line for close to an hour to get in and then just ate and ate and ate. Such nice food too, sushi, lobster... I think there were 9 types of potato! Everything in excess of course... I think I was full for about a week after that!

Me, in a tree.
DJ and friendly caterpillar
Following the Vegas trip I was based in Los Angeles for another few weeks before coming back to New Zealand. During the weekdays I was working on my coding project for uni (scipy-sim). But every weekend we got out somewhere, one of my favorite trips was to Escondido Falls with Kim's hiking group the USC Trekkers.
DJ shown here with a friendly caterpillar almost convinced me to start learning biology again, having the most epically cool sounding research ever - hacking brains! Lots of geeky talk, I loved it! Made me really look forward to my Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course back at University of Canterbury.

Although I know I missed heaps of things I wanted to blog about, I found I never had the time. I did go skiing around Los Angeles another couple of times, I may add some more photos but I think I'm all done recording my trip now. Thanks for reading the first adventures of Brian in America!


A summary map of where I visited while over the ocean:

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