Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Joshua Tree, Rocks.

Joshua Tree is south east of Los Angeles a couple of hours and it is this amazing place of rock, sand and warmth... I think they call it a desert. My main goal for the day was to find a snake as I've never seen one.

Unfortunately it was the middle of winter so despite the fact I was warm apparently it was too cold for snakes to be out and about. Many a lizard was spotted however, and two weird plants. The Joshua Tree itself shown here as we were heading home:

Once again we got an amazing sunset! The other plant I hadn't seen properly before would be the desert dwelling cactus. A blurred Kimi resides in the background.

It was a group of kids from LA (including my new flatmate Monique from NZ) that decided to go for a day visit to j-tree and go walking to an oasis. It was a beautiful walk, lots of rock scrambling and jumping from place to place.

Obviously the desert lived up to my expectations of ridiculously hot and no clouds etc. I was very surprised when we got to the oasis though - there was real running water and actual palm trees. Just like in the Tintin books I read growing up. Two artists had carried their easels in to the oasis and were painting the vista just to add another touch of surreal. On our drive back home we passed some dinosaurs beside the road, okay they may have been statues but I wanted to believe the velocirapter roam free!

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