Monday, 15 March 2010

Banff Part 3: Moose Time

My last few days in Canada were pack filled with days starting at 5:30am and heading to the hills for snowshoeing, hiking and skiing. I was staying with my mate Ian in Calgory. Ian is seen here wearing a CUTC shirt from his trip to NZ, where we went on many a trip together.

Banff in the morning is so beautiful, on this morning the trail we had been planning to do was closed for maintenance (bug killing or something?)  but we just kept driving, taking pictures and found somewhere else. 

Gorgeous sunrises and massive mountains aside, I kept my eyes sharply peeled looking for some of the wildlife that kept eluding me. I was lucky enough to spot a moose and a coyote from the car:

Out in the hills on a hike - Ian doing his best to look like a mountain, with the beard he is really succeeding!

Returning from a superb day of hiking to the Elephant rocks! Didn't quite see the point in snow shoe trails and hiking trails to the same place but there you go, I guess they just have so many people sometimes they need to separate everyone.

While in Canada obviously I got some skiing in, the two big fields at Banff were off the charts awesome. They did hurt the piggy bank a fair bit - even when I borrowed skis and got half price lift tickets! Still it was just incredible, after one run I seriously felt I had got my moneys worth - Grinning for the entire day and the next I swear!

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