Monday, 13 July 2009

Design Time

So I have been playing with Scribus lately. Firstly to make Tramping Club and Kayaking Club posters for the upcoming clubs day, and secondly to make the Kayaking Clubs magazine. It has been interesting to say the least! But I think slowly I am getting the hang of it, I'm 36 pages in, and the end is in sight! I have been thinking tho, it would have been so much easier to put together articles if I had used this blog like I intended - writing up each trip after going away! If anyone is interested, become a fan of the UCCC page on facebook, the final product will be linked to from there.

Ontop of using scribus, I have dusted off my CSS cap and started working on laying out the new UCCC website, you can see the woefully incomplete alpha version here:
Kim came up with the sweet design, I'm hoping I can replicate it in CSS. The floating body and zoom is just a tad annoying for now. At the moment the layout isn't quite what it should be, but I have other priorities.

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