Sunday, 19 July 2009

Avalanche Peak

On Saturday Adam, Dani and I went up Avalanche Peak. For some reason none of us took cameras. Well Dani did - but it was flat. I couldn't find that much info online about winter accents of Avalanche Peak. It does seem most people go up and down via Scotts track as it is slightly less exposed and steep as Avalanche Track.

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But after going into the DOC office, and checking the weather at we decided to give the round trip a go. Turns out it was absolutely fine. As we were ascending Avalanche Peak Track we saw someone going down Scotts track opposite us, and as we neared the top saw another party of two coming up Scotts track - this meant that there was a nice well formed path in the snow for the way down.

The only dodgy bit was after the first fake summit up to the real top. Whoever it was that we saw going down hadn't gone all the way. So that meant some very slow progress on the steepest section.

The weather was also due to turn quite nasty that evening, winds were forecast to reach 110km/h. As we were getting down towards the bush line the first signs of that came through in a few big gusts trying to push us off the mountain! Luckily they only lasted twenty or thirty seconds. All in all a nice winter trip, on a good day!

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