Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My epic 21st party plans.

Initially the thought was simple - get a keg and bring it to my house, invite friends and drink it.
Apparently this is not good enough so we have gone back to the white board (literally).
A few key points were identified:
  1. alchohol must be in ubundance
  2. somewhere cool/differant
  3. music
  4. a theme

figure 1 shows the initial battle plan - moving from Uni at 1700 hours to the Karo Flat Residence and meeting the few people who bother to show up. these core people will finish the keg prior to departure. Yes we are leaving! we will take the number 3 bus as shown in figure 2 ot Sumner, where we will walk for a wee way (1/2 an hour max when sober) to the middle gun enplacement on the port hills. There is a carpark there - big brown is magically going to be there with any beverages we want transported + coffee facilities and maybe a tent or two for the week (probly me)

figure 2 - movements and extra ideas
The rather large Red Cross tent shown clearly on the left will not be attending - the pavilion is for official Red Cross events :-(
The RAF which have an Iroquois in the figure will probabley not attend also....
the panzer tank is actually imaginary - it wont be there either.

Figure 3 - Theme: Pirates vs Ninjas
So see you there at 5 or 6pm on Friday the 12th of September - bring a few warm clothes to chuck in big brown for on the hill. 

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