Thursday, 11 September 2008

Guitar Hero with a real Guitar

3rd Pro project idea - Guitar Hero with a real Guitar

Playing the popular video game Guitar Hero a person emulates playing a guitar and when they press buttons a note plays in real time in the game. The notes are not defined as there are only 5 colored buttons so music cannot be made. I proposes a harder, more useful alternative - using any real tunable electric guitar and as you play the game you are learning to play the instrument.


Imagine getting your electric guitar, plugging it directly into a blackbox which interfaces with your (PC/Xbox360/PS2/PS3/Wii) inserting a game and playing a guitar hero like game WITH YOUR REAL GUITAR! You could have a minor role jamming some easy riffs with Flea playing the hardstuff... all the while improving your music and guitar skills!

Technical Considerations

  1. Analog to digital conversion
  2. differant pitch/tones of guitars
  3. auto tuning helper thing...


GH is a cultural phenomenon - selling over 21 million units and earning over a billion US dollars.


So as my good friend Justin points out - its been done! The last link is a game that does all I have talked about! Sweeeet!

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