Monday, 14 July 2008

West coast - In winter!

Somewhat foolishly I decided (or rather got told by Jordan) to go to the coast for some paddling. Hayley and Emily also missed the memo about water temperatures so we set off for a place to crash at Arthur's Pass. This might sound straight out of a fairy tale but Hayley has a friend who works for D.O.C at Arthur's pass who just happens to live in a secluded log cabin surrounded by snow.
He is a bit of a hippy...
He is Irish...
He also plays the Tin Whistle....!!!

Now this awesome cabin has a coal range, which we made apple pie in.
I can't really stress how good this was.... it was incredible!
Sadly our trip wasn't all going to be at the log cabin so we headed to Hokitika and attempted to get flow info etc from the official establishment... miserable failure - so the plan to wing it was made! Now we had heard the styx was pretty mint, and that the further you walked in the harder it gets, so you just walk till it looks perfect...

The wee Honda City tried its wheels at being a 4wd... Didn't quite make the cut in my humble opinion although Hayley might beg to differ!

Getting all ready to go paddling...
Yeah so with all our gear it was what is termed as a "tight fit"!

The walk in is rather long while carrying your kayak too! Emily wasn't feeling so great so she stopped and Hayley and I kept trooping up river.
The track went away from the river for a wee while and the point where we got out looked intense! I was very nervous! Anywho we got in, I loved it! um Hayley had a swim or three and ended up walking downriver a wee bit till it got a bit less dangerous. I portaged a couple of dodgy looking drops... Unfortunatly my little brother lost my water proof tough camera so I have a total of zero shots on the run itself. What I can say is it was tougher than but reminded me of Lower Mataks in Murch and the Hollyford (Falls Creek not the G5+ stuff obviously) in Fiordland.
All in all was a spectacular run! Will be going back - alot!

Hot pools on the way back.... need I say more?

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