Monday, 26 November 2007

The mega super blow-out week!

Day 1 - Kayaking on the Hurnaui! Photos
Pretty sweet start to the week, small walk in to the river and a nice river run. It was cut a little short by cold cold wind and lack of sunlight. But all in all a good day, followed by a trip into town for my flatmate Justin's birthday party at Base, and some drinks. Eventually got to bed about 2am.

Day 2 - Started packing up my whole room as I was moving out at 5am pretty much finished by 7am. Then just packing the car before heading off towards Mount Cook at about 8am with Daniel, Sebastien, Claire and Kat. Kat drove a fair bit for me as I was rather dead. Photos here. Here is my trusty car big brown loaded up with all my belongings:

Starting the climb up to Mueller Hut,

The view of Mount Cook from the top of the climb.
The view from my bed wasn't half bad either! Went up mount olivier behind the hut for sunset.
Day 3 - Walking back down from Mueller hut
Yeah what a poser.
Day 4 - Blissful rest day/Move my stuff into house in Te Anau.

Day 5 - Quick tramping mission over Dore Pass into the Milford Track! Photos here. It is the sneaky way to get onto the Milford without paying for an expensive boat.

Weekend - The entire Routeburn and Caples in two days! See next post!

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