Sunday, 21 January 2007

Fedora is the new black!

Yup i am now windows free.
I could not get dual booting working, and have successfully installed fedora core 6, and it works great.
My biggest worry is now that I can't play all my games... Bit of a shane really, now ill have lots of time to do productive things.... yeah right!
Meh well i'm off to tui tommorow, working in the office for a few days yay!
Then up on to the track, then off guiding a trip on the dusky track.
Oh yeah I just got off this boat called the sapphire princess, its very very big. I mean huge! The thing has a lecture theatre bigger than any at uni, 5 pools, countless restuarants... population of 4100... thats more than my home town! This 18 story behemoth of the sea took me from Hobart, Tasmania to Dunedin New Zealand in 3 days of very relaxing cruising!

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