Saturday, 27 January 2007

Well I'm back in Te Anau after spending 4 days working in the ofice in Tuatapere then 2 days on the Hump Ridge track. And now I have a whole day off before I go onto the Dusky track as a second guide. Should be awsume!
When I was up at Okaka hut a couple of days ago I met this random guy Paul Zizka who just happened to be walking the entire length of the south island of nz for charity! This guy was amazing, imagine being out in the unknown wop wops for a couple of months!!! Hoping to catch up with him next month in Canterbury and walk with him for a couple of days, i imagine after a full month of walking he will be very very fit tho!
Check out his website at
I just got a letter from uni saying if I got the same results in my final year they would give me first class honours, so thats cool.
Seems to be an awful lot of people on this facebook thing its almost addictive!

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Oh so I got into second year at uni... yup Robot Boy is officially gonna be working on Robots!

Fedora is the new black!

Yup i am now windows free.
I could not get dual booting working, and have successfully installed fedora core 6, and it works great.
My biggest worry is now that I can't play all my games... Bit of a shane really, now ill have lots of time to do productive things.... yeah right!
Meh well i'm off to tui tommorow, working in the office for a few days yay!
Then up on to the track, then off guiding a trip on the dusky track.
Oh yeah I just got off this boat called the sapphire princess, its very very big. I mean huge! The thing has a lecture theatre bigger than any at uni, 5 pools, countless restuarants... population of 4100... thats more than my home town! This 18 story behemoth of the sea took me from Hobart, Tasmania to Dunedin New Zealand in 3 days of very relaxing cruising!